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Established 1970
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Low Doherty and Stratford is one of the leading law firms in Western Sydney and has been serving this community for over 50 years. The key to Low Doherty & Stratford’s ongoing success has been it’s ability to continually satisfy the various needs of its clients.

Why Low Doherty & Stratford?

Low Doherty

Our lawyers provide a range of commercial and private legal services to the residents and businesses of Western Sydney. Our West Sydney office ensures the ready availability of staff to provide prompt, authoritative and appropriate legal services to our clients.

Our experience and expertise allows us to provide the same level of service and coverage as large city based firms. Our fees are cost effective and commercially viable. Low Doherty & Stratford’s longstanding presence in the Western Sydney community ensures that it is familiar with the issues of Western Sydney residents and their businesses.

Primary Practice Areas

Family Law

Family Law

If you need Family Law, Divorce or De-facto relationship advice it is best to speak with a qualified professional. Learn More

Low Doherty and Stratford

Property & Conveyancing

Low Doherty & Stratford have over 50 years of experience in Conveyancing and Property Law. Learn More


Contested Wills & Deceased Estates

When a person dies, assets need to be collected and dealt with in accordance the Will. Learn More

Notary public

Notary public

In New South Wales, a Notary Public is a lawyer, admitted to practice in the State. Learn More



Low Doherty & Stratford have a team of experience litigators. Our firm acts for both plaintiffs and defendants. Learn More

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Planning for the future for you and your family is one of life’s important decisions. Learn More

Criminal Law Court 

Low Doherty & Stratford Solicitors have represented defendants for over 30 years, in all types of criminal matters. Learn More

Contested Wills

Planning Appeals

Low Doherty & Stratford are experts in local council planning appeals. Learn More

Our Firm

Low Doherty & Stratford is a medium sized suburban legal firm comprising four Partners, one Associate and fifteen support staff. The practice operates out of offices at Blacktown and has been established for over 50 years. The firm provides a range of commercial and private legal services to the residents and businesses of Western Sydney. Our clients include.

Primary Practice Sectors

  • Local businesses
  • State and Federal Government Institutions
  • Financial and Banking Institutions
  • Rural & Primary Producers
  • Industry Groups
  • Building and Development companies
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